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Koriko Playthrough

You land on your broomstick to a quaint little village. A dirt path leads to small cottage homes with smoke billowing from the chimney. With your broomstick in hand you walk towards a bustling time square where you hear people selling their crops and casual conversation about the weather. Your eyes land on a help wanted sign hanging in the window of a general store. This may be the beginning of a new life for you…

Koriko: A Magical Year is a game where you play as a teenage witch moving into a new town. One of the things that caught my attention was that it was inspired by the Studio Ghibli movie Kiki’s Delivery Service which is one of my all time favorite movies. Koriko doesn’t rely on combat, instead you build a town and a witch with weird and wonderful residents inside.

I’m excited to play this game as a connoisseur of the cozy game genre in video game format. I haven’t played anything that isn’t high stakes quite yet in TTRPG format. When I saw this game I knew I had to try it out.

I’ll be using the Modern Witch Tarot for this game. I think its the perfect mix of whimsical while still modern. Which by the way I highly recommend this deck to anyone. It’s still heavily based on Rider-Waite but all women of all races and gender expression.

The game boasts that it’s easy to play and perfect for newbies. I’m still learning the lay of the land for TTRPGs so we’ll see how well I adjust.

In a few days I’ll start journaling my first day in town. Hopefully we can kick this off without too much drama.

Until then,


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