Airie Art

What Is Happening?

book on table

So you may have noticed a few things.

For one all of my old blog posts are gone. New year new me I guess. Now I guess the question for that is why?

Well, it’s simple: No one read it. Who cares that I painted a series inspired by changing leaves or that I went to a bar in Brooklyn?

Answer is: No one.

The world has changed. Long form blogging isn’t a thing anymore, and I had half a mind to do away with my blog altogether.

But over the last few months I’ve gotten into solo journaling RPGs. There is a dedicated community of people posting their APs (actual plays) online for others to read.

This was also around the same time I started actually revamping my portfolio and website. In my mind I was like: “Why not both?”

Is it nerdy to put my hobbies on my personal site? Maybe. It may even be to my detriment, but this is a personal site after all. Might as well use it to do something that I do beyond coding and design.

What does this mean?

Well, nothing much. If you wish to use my services you can still do so. Now, I just have a place dedicated to my other little joys in life. We’ll see how this works. If I get negative feedback then we’ll adjust but for now, let’s test this out.

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